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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My dearest pen pal...

I think there should be an understanding on the online dating sites: if you exchange multiple lengthy messages (say 2 each) and find them delightful to read, either admit you want a pen pal or ask the girl out. I keep getting handsome pen pals. That is great if I were a few hundred miles away, if I were married and elusive, or if I didn't look anything like my photos; but I’m right here… within 25 miles of my alleged zip code. I want a guy with the confidence to ask me out; because if you are too shy to ask me out, you are probably too shy to say ‘no’ when I ask you out. So, handsome pen pal, the ball is in your court. <Ask yourself, is that really where you want your ball(s)?>


  1. I have one of these...perhaps that's why I wait (accidentally) to message back for days at a time! ;-)

  2. I think his ball is in his pen.

    I had one of these. I think I scared him off with a story of my high school essay about locking up fat people on an island with water and crackers. See here: http://www.startingatsingle.com/2012/08/window-shopping-week-1.html Which was really a shame because our discourse was so entertaining. Then again, maybe he was a Ball-in-Pen guy and it was never going to happen anyway.

    Moving on...


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