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Monday, June 2, 2014

The RN: Dating Coworkers ... or ... Not ... Ever ... Never Ever

Okay, I have a rule about dating coworkers; it's very simple: I DON'T!

I don't date coworkers. I don't former coworkers. I don't date future coworkers. End. Of. Story.

Now admittedly not dating future coworkers can be a little harder since I can't really predict the future, but you get the idea. Mainly, as I've said before, this is because I want to maintain a professional appearance at work and because work is for working not for fucking.

Listen up, Ken, and everyone else.
(Borrowed from Quit or Not.)

I have recently switched jobs. Go me. Things are much better and I'm back to doing something I love and am really good at. Okay enough work talk, that's not what this blog is about. But, the job change has created some attention (50+ FaceBook likes - I think that's a record for me) and caused quite a few people who normally don't keep ... super in touch? ... with me to reach out to say, "Congrats!" Which is totally awesome, for the most part.

Of course, one of the people to reach out was Pajama Guy. If you recall this guys was both an Awkward Friend, "an old manger type", and married with kids. This guys has so many strikes against him, the rest of the team has stopped batting. Just ugh. And also:

All of the NO!
(Borrowed from FedUpUSA.)

BUT, that's not even the worst. I found out two of my old coworkers were taking bets on whether I was ... um ... dating ... one of my other coworkers. DAMN IT! This is exactly why I don't date coworkers. I politely (at least I hope it was politely - I may have been a little worked up at this point) reiterated I don't date coworkers. I was told the bettors took this into account. To which I replied: they didn't take it into account enough; it's not a flexible rule.

Damn Millennials! Do more work and less talking!
(Borrowed from Comedy Central.)

Just to be clear, if I met you at work - you have no chance. Not sorry I'm not sorry. Those are the breaks.