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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The RN: Love's Day

I meant to post this on or near Valentine's Day, but life. And I somehow missed posting for all February :(

For past 3 years, I've been single on Valentine's Day. Three years ago, I didn't know what to do with myself and was possibly freaking out a little bit. Never fear, TWS to the rescue! We went out on an "Anti-Valentine's Day" date. We went to non-romantic restaurant and saw The Grey. It was awesome and just what I needed.

Best Valentine's Day Movie Ever!
We went out again last year and saw Identity Theft instead of a romance.

Another Great Valentine's Day Movie!
This year we were all set to go out for Valentine's Day again, until my old roommate decided to get married in FL over Valentine's Day weekend. So, I got to travel through Pax to FL for a great wedding.

Originally, The PoolBoy and I were set to fly down on Thursday afternoon and it looked like there would be a break in the weather long enough for us to get out. However, by 9am our flight had been cancelled. Shortly thereafter another friend of mine (let's call her Boobles) texted me her flight from a nearby airport had been cancelled as well ... after she got to the airport. So I told her to get to my house since The PoolBoy and I had decided to rent a car and drive down there. To be fair The PoolBoy was the best man so it's not like we were going to miss the wedding if at all possible.

So at just after noon on Thursday The PoolBoy, Boobles, and I got in a car a drove 16+ hours through the winter storm to get to FL and make the wedding. And it was well worth it. Unfortunately, both Boobles and I both had to work on Friday morning :(

We had only rented the car for 24 hours, so in the middle of working I took a break to return the car. I went across the street to The PoolBoy's hotel to grab the keys from him and take the car back. While I was grabbing the keys and noticing all the groomsmen were luckily hanging out the pool instead of work, one of the other groomsmen gave me a hug hello. And then I was on my way to the airport to return the car. As I was turning in the car, the rental agent wished me a Happy Valentine's Day. I stopped and said, "Oh, that's right, it's Valentine's Day." The agent looked at me in shock and asked, "Didn't you get anything for today? A pretty girl like you shouldn't be ignored today." I replied, "Um, I'm here for a wedding ... one of the groomsmen gave me a hug." He told me then that was okay. And I went about returning the car.

That was the only acknowledgement of Valentine's Day I had. Now I'm not really one of those anti-Valentine's Day people (despite what it sounds like at the beginning of this blog), but part of me sees how it can be lonely for those us not in a relationship. And in some ways it was odd to be in the middle of a weekend celebrating my friends' love and be alone on a day where everyone some people are obsessed with love. The last couple of years I have been little like this about Valentine's Day:

Please just leave me alone.
This year it was largely just lost in the crowd of things I had going on. I feel like that's a healthy-ish place to be in. I'm not dwelling on it, but it's not getting to me either. And honestly, I have spent Valentine's Days when I was in a relationship more lonely than I was this year. Cheers, to being in a better place :)