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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Weird Thing Happened

Okay guys, so a weird thing happened.

Yesterday date one, henceforth known as RH, sent me a text. Later in the day I texted him back and he called me - using some excuse as to why, yet keeping it brief. I believe within the exchange he called me "babe" and definitely within the exchange set up another date. Okay, fine.

But here's the weird part. I signed onto OkC today and found that he had looked at my profile again mid-afternoon yesterday. I only know this because his name was listed in my "recent visitors", but not his face. Why not his face? Because apparently he deleted his profile. What. the. fuck.

Now I am over-analyzing that OkC has served its purpose for him as bait and here I am a helpless hapless fish out of water (man, that line would be so much better if we used Plenty of Fish). And having only discovered this deletion after I agreed to see him again next week, I am afraid I'm going to end up disappeared. I don't want to disappear.

So it begs the question: How common is it for someone you meet to hide or deactivate their account after meeting you? Just coincidence? Should I be afraid? Or am I oh-so-clearly over-reacting? (Cause that's weird, right?)

Guys. Guys! LISTEN. If you can't find me after next week, you know who took me. Please come find me.

xoxo, The Window Shopper


  1. My vote: you are over-reacting.

    A friend recommended I deactive my OkC account, since I have way too many responses to keep up. Your date might be juggling too much right now, and he wants to see what happens with what is on his plate before attracting anyone else. Also, as a perk, new accounts get tons of attention... so I sort of respect his power move. He may have contacted a few sexy chicks, he is dating them, and when/if he wants a new batch - BAM! - we have a 'new user' on OkC and he gets a ton of attention again. Beautiful strategy.

    As for the "babe" the flight attendant called me "hon" yesterday... a date called me "sweetheart" on a second date... waitresses call me "dear". Some people just use those terms loosely, or are shitty with names and that's a warm solution that sounds great after sex.

    In the meanwhile, tell someone when/where you are meeting this guy, and all his contact data you have (with brief physical description) just in case I'm wrong and he is going to skin you after your date. I might be crazy, but he might be psycho.

    Enjoy your date!!

  2. Haha. Thanks Peach.

    Today he sent me an email asking how I was feeling (having been recently sick) and signed it "One love, [name]". Is he being goofy or am I about to become a suit?


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