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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Introducing: The Slow Dancer

The description for being the Slow Dancer implies that slow and steady wins the race, which I'm hoping will be my story. I haven't had many relationships in my past and did not start dating until late in college. I attribute some of this to my parents' desire that I focus on schoolwork and not date, pretty much through high school. Growing up, I had the typical Asian parents that focused on school work all the time and emphasized a strong sense of family. I was very rarely allowed to go hang out at friend's houses, and was never allowed to invite people over. In college, I was an engineer and <sarcasm> everybody knows that they are the most social people. We spend all of our time slacking off and meeting new people. </sarcasm> All of this led to a late development in many social skills that are necessary for starting and maintaining relationships.

I've been contemplating joining online dating for a few months now, after watching it become more and more acceptable/popular. I've heard many friends do it, and I recently had a talk with some of my cousins that recently joined in, and had great things to say about it. My excuse to not joining it, has been that I've been too lazy or too busy to do it, but more and more I realized that I was just terrified of putting myself out there and giving it an honest shot. Then I heard about this "Book Club" from fellow members and it gave me the kick start that I needed to get out there. It has provided me a support network, so things aren't so awkward and has been an invaluable resource.

I've been single for longer than I'd like to really admit, but I'm hoping that this foray into online dating may help me find somebody, and will be entertaining to the readers.

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