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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Introducing: The Sonnet

Sonnet here. As defined by my name I am kind of a bitch who has way too high of standards for men. Sorry I'm not sorry. Why shouldn't I have high standards? I'm not trying to go out with some creature or douche bag. I thought the guys on online dating would be different. I don't know why? Maybe because they are on the site for a purpose. The question is what is that purpose. Considering I originally joined to laugh at random guys and potentially get a free dinner or two, my logic might not have been the best. I am pretty doubtful about these online guys. Are they really any different than that douche bag guy at the bar who wants to take me home to his bed (if I am lucky enough to make it there :-/)? I am approaching this entire process apprehensively, but none the less open.

My OKCupid experience so far has been interesting. I have received numerous messages ranging from "hey sweetie" to long, drawn out messages opening with a really bad joke. I particularly enjoy the old men who write messages or the young guys who just look like they are old men.

A few messages that I particularly enjoyed: 

1. "You are beautiful. I bet you hear that a lot. If not they are assholes." - um okay no you are an asshole. What does this guy expect me to say back?

2. "I see that you like food. I love to cook. I will make you a delicious array of wild animals to show you how 'wild' I am about you" - Bahahahahahaha for real?

3. "Hi, I was looking at your profile when my roommate walked in. She said if I didnt message you she would. I'm pretty sure she's into guys so It was probably an empty threat. But my mom typically has good advice so I thought I would say hi." - Oh my GOD

I am (of course because I am a Sonnet blah blah blah) being very selective about which (if any) messages I respond to. At first I was getting really pissed off at these guys messaging me. I only responded to one person and that was only because he asked me a question related to golf and I felt obligated to help the guy out. Recently my experience has improved. I actually found a guy who seems pretty amazing - I am questioning if he is actually real or if he's fake. I'll see how it goes and of course I will keep you posted =)

So ... my realization from my first month on OKCupid is that online dating really isn't much different then regular dating. The only plus is I don't have to physically run and hide to get away from these guys. I assume there are at least a few normal people out there or maybe not and I am delusional in my own world. Either way I will see what type of excitement month two brings. Cross your fingers it's not a disaster.

Sonnet out.

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