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Friday, June 7, 2013

The DLS: Back to the Future

Well kids, it's been loooonnng time, but I'm back...for now.  As I've said many times, I'm consistently inconsistent. This might make me seem irresponsible (I'm not), but really life's better if I go with my own flow. In this instance, my flow took me away from online dating (was I ever really IN it?) and back to meeting people in bars and via sports. Apparently, as the RN hinted called out point-blank, I am someone who gets a decent amount of glances, first and otherwise, and I do better being able to read people's energy in-person. In keeping with the trend, I present Dirty Little Secret #5: Online dating is NOT for me.

I could exhaust you with a list of all the reasons why online dating terrifies/annoys me, but I'll sum it up thusly: Online people have strange/uncomfortable tactics (IMHO), and even if I do find a guy who seems like a fit (HA! I don't), I do not follow through with anyone online. EVER. I will never poo-poo those who choose to date online; I know several people, including a close uncle, who have met their spouses online. It CAN happen. It just won't for me, so I will instead continue to do what comes naturally and show up in-person ready to play...

And now for something completely different: A "quick" catch-up on my guy-related antics of the last 8+ months.

Come late October, VS was a bust. He lied...without good reason, and I caught him in it (thanks, Facebook!). Around that time, My Ex came back...twice, for dubious reasons at best. The first I went along with because I had an itch to scratch, but the second required me to put my foot down. HARD. He sought my comfort THE night of a break-up with his semi-established girlfriend (they got back together in a heartbeat). After almost 3 years of back-and-forth nonsense, I finally had enough and roared made my feelings known, clarifying I am not a toy, security blanket or drug for self-esteem boosts. He is not welcome in my life if he cannot respect me. I got a surprising and heartfelt (for him) apology, and we went our separate ways...ish. Moral of those stories: Men get greedy for attention and will do whatever it takes to keep it/feel good.

After the first round of shenanigans with My Ex, I willingly got tangled up with another ex-type thing from November through March. We'll call him BackStabber or BS because he dated a friend of mine behind my back during her break up with a guy friend of mine - yeah, it's THAT complicated, but to forgive is divine. I don't regret my time with BS, but it eventually required an exit...again. Gory details aside, I ended up wearing my yoga pants for a jacket (I had been kept in the cold) and crying on Metro, while strangers tried to comfort me and I had no fucks to give. Made me think of the Subway Wars HIMYM episode. Moral of that story: Don't take anything to a guy's house that you can't stand to leave behind.

Of late, I'm back to picking up guys accidentally while playing sports: soccer and volleyball (come July) both with TWS. Unfortunately, I also picked up unwanted attention from guys I consider just friends, receiving such random gems as "I have a crazy idea, let's go take a bath :sticks out/wiggles tongue:" and "don't friend-zone me, I'm a slow-roller" :facepalm: The guys I like have mostly been too young, which is not like me at all. I know nothing real will come of any of it, and surprisingly, I'm okay with that. Moral of this (unfinished) story: Appreciate what you have with someone for what it is and for however long you have it.

Pfew...that was a long one (hehe TWSS).

~The DLS

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