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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The RN: Knocking Over Pillars and Pedestals

I got a little busy (lazy?) and didn't write a blog in August :(

I decided to take a break in August and mostly didn't do anything. And it was still an exhausting month. I did realize something. I finally felt like I got to relax. I hadn't realized how much pressure I (my friends?) were putting on me to be a certain way. I don't want to be a moral pillar. I don't want to be on a pedestal. I want to be fallible and make less then stellar choices. For that to be okay. To not be the voice of reason or to not be the a sounding board for whether something is okay.

It's not my job to be your Jiminy Cricket.

My month off has shown me I need to do more for myself. But what I need to do is not about so much how I interact with others, but how I interact with myself. I need to remember saying no and not going out with friends is sometimes more fun and just what I need.

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