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Monday, March 16, 2015

The RN: Random Thoughts

 This is another one of those posts I started forever ago and couldn't quite form into an actual blog entry. I feel like these people actually get it. They have a positive message about what's going on, or they're catching the clue.

I have always hated that being a woman in very male-dominated field makes people believe I should be into man bashing. That is not all true. I don't condone misandry any more than I condone misogyny.

It's not about what she was wearing.

It's not about what he thinks he's entitled.

It's about her choice.
My belief is that women have been naturally selected to choose high status men based on their behavior first, and then their looks and accomplishments second — as looks and accomplishments tend be products of high status behavior, not the other way around. This high status behavior is a man who is comfortable with his vulnerability, who isn't afraid to express who he is, warts and all, to the world. This plays out in multiple arenas — in the life decisions he makes (Part III), the extent of his courage (Part IV) and the way he communicates to others (Part V).

- Mark Manson

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